[OLSR-users] OLSR implementations

Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 15 19:57:25 CET 2006

you want the olsr.org version.
trust me.

a 250 node wifi mesh in berlin doesn't lie :) i.e. olsr.org mesh  
routing works.
We started to test (two years ago i must add) with AODV, NRL OLSR ,  
mobile mesh etc.
And this version just rocked because it was really portable and  
andreas toennesen and the rest of the people on the tech liste helped  
a lot in fixing bugs (there should be much fewer bugs now)
By now AFAIK the olsr.org version has the most features.

so. clear message. Go for it.

On the other hand... what other answer do you expect on the olsr.org  
mailinglist ? :))

On Feb 15, 2006, at 2:15 PM, Gaspard, Bradley S wrote:

> I am new to this list and don’t wish to cause trouble with this  
> question but I’d like to know how OLSRd compares to NRL’s OLSR  
> implementation in terms of the features, code maturity, etc.  I’m  
> looking to set up MANET testbed and am trying to figure out what  
> OLSR implementation to choose from. Thanks.
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