[OLSR-users] Differing metrics for route decision

William Conroy (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 8 10:37:12 CET 2006

Good afternoon,

I have recently started using OLSR in my research into self configuring
networks. I originally used AODV for this research, and found its 'least
hop' metric inadequate for my needs. I am wondering what metrics are
currently available for OLSR to decide which route to take. I am aware it
can use a 'least hop' type metric like AODV, and alos ETX, which from my
current understanding is similar to packet loss (please correct me if I'm
wrong). Are there any others available in the olsrd release or as a plugin?

Many thanks for your time and consideration

William Conroy
Uzushi Denki
Onishi Town
Imabari City
Ehime Prefecture
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