[OLSR-users] daemon olsrd stops spontaneusly

silvia lafuente (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 13 14:50:24 CET 2006

I am having a weird problem...
I want to test how olsrd rebuilds the routing table in terms of time, 
link quality, etc. My topology is very simple: three nodes making a 
triangle. Each node has a point to point link with the other two, so 
there is always two paths to go from one node to the others. My test 
consists in turning down one interface of one node, and watch how this 
affects to the others. In theory this only affects two of the three 
nodes: the one whose interface I turn down, and the node  that was 
mantaining the point to point connection with that interface. Well, the 
weird thing here is that when I do this, in the third node, the one that 
I don't alter at all and that it should not vary its routing table, the 
daemon olsrd stops spontaneously.
The configuration of the nodes is pretty much the same in the three of them:

DebugLevel                      0
LinkQualityFishEye          0
IpVersion                            4
AllowNoInt                      yes
UseHysteresis                   no
LinkQualityLevel                2
LinkQualityWinSize          10
LinkQualityWinSize          10
Pollrate                            0.05
TcRedundancy                    2
MprCoverage                      1

Interface "ath0" "ath1"
    HelloInterval                2.0
    HelloValidityTime       20.0
    TcInterval                      5.0
    TcValidityTime            15.0
    MidInterval                     5.0
    MidValidityTime             15.0
    HnaInterval                     5.0
    HnaValidityTime             15.0

Any help will be very much thanked,

Silvia Lafuente

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