[OLSR-users] Wireless cards

John Clark (spam-protected)
Thu Aug 17 18:23:00 CEST 2006

Gaspard, Bradley S schrieb:
> I want to set up a ADHOC wireless network using OLSR but am struggling 
> a little with just getting my NETGEAR WG511T configured on a OpenSUSE 
> 10.1 system. I am not wedded to this particular card or linux 
> distribution so I’m wondering if some kind soul might recommend a 
> card(PCMCIA and/or USB)/linux distribution that was fairly easy to 
> configure.
> I realize this is probably not the right forum for this question so I 
> apologize for that.

If you are using a Madwifi based driver, perhaps the Madwifi mail list 
is the appropriate venue for asking
configuration questions.

In general, I've used Atheros based cards with OLSR quite well. In terms 
of a PCMCIA card, again
one needs to verify that the card chip is in fact one of the linux 
driver supported chip sets (for any
wifi chip vendor.) Vendors such as Netgear, D-link, Linksys, et al. 
sometimes change the chip sets
of a product, without too much ado, and in the process render their 'new 
and improved' versions
useless with the simi-open sourced linux drivers. The only 'clue' often 
is a version number in
a serial number sequence, or the like, as they don't change the box 
artwork, or their product model
number in the least.

In terms of 'ad-hoc' even with the Madwifi project driver, I've had 
problems with the so called 'next generation'.
I'm currently using a year old version which has worked reliably for me 
in my applications. The
last time I really discussed this on the Madwifi mail list, I got the 
distinct impression that few of the
actual code developers were using ad-hoc, and so had never really 
pounded on the driver.

John Clark

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