[OLSR-users] OT: WirelessCommunityCamp near Hamburg/Germany

Sven Wagner (spam-protected)
Fri Aug 4 15:54:29 CEST 2006

hello friends

I don't know if your guys got a invitation/information for the
WirelessCommunityCamp near hamburg.
the wcc is in the same way organized like the excellent WirelessVillage
at the WTH.
the wcc starts this weekend and goes until the 20th august,
the campground is a private place with lots of space from alx, and
organized by the ccc-hamburg, freifunk and c-base

It would be a pleasure to welcome you and your friends and everybody
from this ML
more information about the wcc: https://snr.freifunk.net/trac/wcc/wiki
and https://www.hamburg.ccc.de/mailman/listinfo/wireless-community-camp

yes, hein-c is cooking again  ;-)

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