[OLSR-users] Re: Problems with 0.4.10 when changing IP address of the main interface

Joerg Pommnitz (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 11 16:16:24 CEST 2006

Hello Andreas,
I was able to recreate the problem. Attached you will find the olsrd-trace (olsrd.log.bz2) you asked for and additionally a tcpdump-trace (olsrd.dump.gz).

The setup consisted of two computers with Atheros WLAN cards in Ad-Hoc mode. Their initial IPv4 addresses were and I changed the address of .103 to .203. olsrd notices the change (visible in olsrd.log.bz2), but it continues to use the old .103 address as Originator Address in the outgoing HELLO messages (witness packet number 84 in the attached packet trace). .6 sees these HELLO-messages and now thinks that it has two neighbors (.103 and .203, see packet number 85). Olsrd sees the switch back to .103 and happily continues to use the initial .103 address (which is now correct again).

Feel free to ask for more details!
--  Thanks in advance and kind regards

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I can't do this immediately, but will come back to you as soon as possible.
--  Regards 

 > From: Andreas T?nnesen <(spam-protected)>
 > Joerg:
 > I'm not sure why this fails in your case. Could you run olsrd with
 > debuglevel 3 and provide the output(from when changing the IP)?
 > - Andreas

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