[OLSR-users] Fast Roaming Nodes

Jaime Vargas (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 5 18:41:10 CEST 2006


I am considering using olsr for a commuter trail corridor.
Our plan is to placed routers every 500 feet along the tracks.
My question is can olsrd handle user moving on the mesh
at 230 miles/hour (337 feet/second).

That means that user will be hopping from router to router
every second.

Has anyone tried such setup? We also expect about 40
users doing this roaming at the same time. We plan to
do some trials, but before that I will like to know any
possible shortcomings.

Thanks a lot for the help,


Jaime E. Vargas
Why Wire, Inc.
601 Birch St. SW
Vienna, VA 22180
T. 703-766-0939

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