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I'm sorry about the spam messages. the spam filer on the new server is
still beeing tuned. Hopefully there will not be to many of these :)

- Andreas

Doctor wrote:
> In a lengthy interview with The Washington Diplomat, Joseph said the 
> HERO Act—sponsored in the House by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.)—would 
> create 100,000 to 150,000 jobs in Haiti’s once vibrant manufacturing 
> sector.
> “From 80,000 jobs at one time, the manufacturing sector has dwindled to 
> 25,000 jobs,” Joseph says. “My priority is to help get this HERO Act 
> passed in Congress in order to entice U.S. companies to come back to 
> Haiti, especially in textiles. We think it would be a good thing, 
> especially when China is gobbling up the whole market.”
> The ambassador suggests that “passage of this act would go a long way to 
> alleviate the problem of would-be economic refugees who desperately try 
> to make it to Florida in search of a better life. Obviously, HERO will 
> also benefit the United States, which won’t need to spend valuable 
> resources in its interdiction of boat people, and in the incarceration 
> of those who manage to get through the Coast Guard net. It will also 
> mean less foreign aid going out from the United States to Haiti.”
> But even non-protectionist members of Congress are likely to oppose 
> HERO, given Haiti’s particularly volatile recent history.
> At present, about 7,000 U.N. peacekeepers—mainly Brazilians, Argentines 
> and Chileans—are maintaining law and order in a country that has 
> suffered from anarchy ever since the overthrow of Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” 
> Duvalier in 1986.
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