[OLSR-users] Pro-Active Autoconfiguration?

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 24 12:49:47 CET 2005

There was an implementation for this, but it is patented by a company I
worked for.
Personally I think community networks would be able to do with DHCP where
broadcasts are forwarded by olsr as these networks are rather stable
topology wise. Or even better, IPv6 - announce prefix and build your own

- Andreas

> Hi all,
> Does anyone know if work is still continuing on the Pro-Active
> Autoconfiguration (PAA) plugin for OLSR?  I'd love to see something like
> this - it would free OLSR from the administrative burden of static IP
> addressing.  It could potentially allow OLSR networks to grow like
> wildfire,
> as no OLSR-routing node would need to wait to be assigned an IP address
> before joining the network.
> I read about it here:
> http://www.olsr.org/docs/report_html/node176.html
> There is a mention that parts of the protocol may be patented.  If this
> happens will this mean that this protocol can't be distributed freely?
> Cheers,
> Dan
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