[OLSR-users] OLSR Camera

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Wed May 25 15:18:45 CEST 2005

Ups... I was a bit too fast on the trigger there :) It is of cause 2^n
and not the other way around. So we ned a pow one way or the other.
But perhaps I'll add a internal pow function.

- Andreas

Andreas Tønnesen wrote:
> Sven-Ola Tuecke wrote:
>> - No function "real pow(real, real)". What's that stuff in mantissa.c!?
>>   Replaced the pow(2,b) with (1 << b), seems to work OK.
>>   Is it really necessary to fiddle with reals here?
> No, it's not nessecarry to use the pow(3) function here. The mantissa
> stuff was a bit of trial and error(and some cut'n paste from here and
> there I suspect) when I implemented it, and I used pow(3) for platform
> indenpendency regarding endianness I guess. But it is not nesecarry and
> bitshifting will do the job just fine. I'll clean it up(and probably get
> rid of the math dependency in the process).
> - Andreas

Andreas Tønnesen

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