[OLSR-users] Support for OpenBSD?

Holger Mauermann (spam-protected)
Sun May 15 19:44:40 CEST 2005

Andreas T√łnnesen wrote:
> Here's another patch to include the rts socket.

I made some more patches and if I now run 'gmake OS=obsd' it compiles
without errors until that point:

cc -o olsrd src/build_msg.o src/duplicate_set.o src/generate_msg.o
src/hashing.o src/hna_set.o src/hysteresis.o src/interfaces.o
src/ipc_frontend.o src/link_set.o src/local_hna_set.o src/lq_avl.o
src/lq_list.o src/lq_mpr.o src/lq_packet.o src/lq_route.o src/main.o
src/mantissa.o src/mid_set.o src/mpr.o src/mpr_selector_set.o
src/neighbor_table.o src/net.o src/olsr.o src/packet.o src/parser.o
src/plugin.o src/plugin_loader.o src/process_package.o
src/process_routes.o src/rebuild_packet.o src/routing_table.o
src/scheduler.o src/socket_parser.o src/tc_set.o
src/two_hop_neighbor_table.o src/bsd/apm.o src/bsd/kernel_routes.o
src/bsd/net.o src/unix/ifnet.o src/unix/log.o src/unix/misc.o
src/cfgparser/oscan.o src/cfgparser/oparse.o src/cfgparser/olsrd_conf.o -lm
src/interfaces.o(.text+0x387): In function `queue_if':
src/interfaces.c:333: warning: strcpy() is almost always misused, please
use strlcpy()
src/lq_route.o(.text+0x3a1): In function `etx_to_string':
src/lq_route.c:307: warning: sprintf() is often misused, please use
src/bsd/net.o(.text+0x1f): In function `set_sysctl_int':
src/bsd/net.c:88: undefined reference to `sysctlbyname'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
gmake: *** [olsrd] Error 1

Do you have any ideas?

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