[OLSR-users] Freifunk-Firmware 1.0

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Mon May 2 11:15:19 CEST 2005

A new version of freifunk firmware is available for download. While I'm 
quite happy with the firmware, I have attached a version number of 1.0 now.

Brief description.: FF-Firmware is an openwrt/stable with a few 
optimizations and some preinstalled packages for use with OLSR-based 
community networks not using encryption for wireless communication. Details 
may be found on the project homepage also, refer to 
http://ff-firmware.sourceforge.net/ After installation through the original 
web UI just enter IP and go. It is possible to install additional packets 
from any openwrt/stable repository.

The firmware itself behaves stable, but as usual some minor bugfixes will 
come due to this public release and the expected feedback. I have tested the 
FFF on the following devices: WRT54G-V2.0, WRT54G-V2.2, WRT54GS-V2.0, 
WAP54G-V2.0(4Mb Flash), WAP54G-V2.0(2 Mb Flash), AllNet 0277. I have 
positive feedback for WRT54G-V1.1 and WRT54GS-V1.1 also.

Since the last version 0.6.8 there are several improvements made:

* LZMA compression save flash space
   (TRX is 1.4 Mb which is smaller than the original openwrt/stable)

* MTD update to speed up jffs2 and make WAP54G(2Mb) running

* Update to olsrd-0.4.10-pre

* Changed dyngw (added policy routing with iproute2 for this)

* Added software-install, client/master/ad-hoc/bridge-mode,
   extended status and firmware download from squashfs to web UI

* Added Mcast Route to kernel, disabled BBC, speedup dropbear,
   added softdog (watchdog for stability), olsrd-nameservice,
   olsrd-httpinfo, TFTP client for flashing neighbor devices

* Lots of bugfixes

Because several people have asked for an LZMA and G-2.2/GS-1.1 compatible 
openwrt/stable, I also added a "minimal" release without freifunk Adonis 
(TRX is 1132KB, so there are 2624KB free on Jffs2). The missing parts 
originally included with openwrt/stable are installable with the 
"freifunk-removed-from-openwrt_1.0_mipsel.ipk" package if you really need 

There is also a "kit" for all variants available. The kit will made 
customizations easy (the counterpart of the openwrt/experimental 

Notes for updaters: For standard cases, there is an NVRAM-compatibility 
script which converts the NVRAM settings from the older releases. In the 
berlin mesh, I placed the files on the HdL cube (NAS device mounted with 
NFS) on (go to "styx.commando.de" directory).


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