[OLSR-users] olsrd -0.4.9 CVS dyn_gw: error in 'make install'

Robert Frank (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 30 17:17:22 CEST 2005


I downloaded the CVS version of olsrd-0.4.9. The make
and make install of the main olsrd deamon went fine
and the olsrd deamon got installed properly. However
when i try to install the dyn_gw lib, i get the
following error in the 'make install' step. 


[(spam-protected) dyn_gw]# make OS=linux
cc -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -g
-O2 -fPIC -DOLSR_PLUGIN -I../../src   -c -o
src/olsrd_plugin.o src/olsrd_plugin.c
cc -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -g
-O2 -fPIC -DOLSR_PLUGIN -I../../src   -c -o
src/olsrd_dyn_gw.o src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
cc  -fPIC -g  -shared -Wl,-soname,olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.3
-Wl,--version-script=version-script.txt \
-o olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.3 src/olsrd_plugin.o
src/olsrd_dyn_gw.o -lpthread -lc -lm
[(spam-protected) dyn_gw]# make install
Usage: strip <option(s)> in-file(s)
 Removes symbols and sections from files
 The options are:
  -I --input-target=<bfdname>      Assume input file
is in format <bfdname>
  -O --output-target=<bfdname>     Create an output
file in format <bfdname>
  -F --target=<bfdname>            Set both input and
output format to <bfdname>  -p --preserve-dates       
      Copy modified/access timestamps to the output 
-R --remove-section=<name>       Remove section <name>
from the output
  -s --strip-all                   Remove all symbol
and relocation information
  -g -S -d --strip-debug           Remove all
debugging symbols & sections
     --strip-unneeded              Remove all symbols
not needed by relocations
  -N --strip-symbol=<name>         Do not copy symbol
  -K --keep-symbol=<name>          Only copy symbol
  -x --discard-all                 Remove all
non-global symbols
  -X --discard-locals              Remove any
compiler-generated symbols
  -v --verbose                     List all object
files modified
  -V --version                     Display this
program's version number
  -h --help                        Display this output
     --info                        List object formats
& architectures supported  -o <file>                  
     Place stripped output into <file>
strip: supported targets: elf32-i386 a.out-i386-linux
efi-app-ia32 elf32-little elf32-big srec symbolsrec
tekhex binary ihex trad-core
make: *** [install] Error 1


What is this strip and how do i rectify this error. I
get the same error in the powerinfo lib plugin as
This happens only in the CVS version of olsrd-0.4.9

When i install the dyn_gw of the stable release
olsrd-0.4.8, the installation is smooth.

Any suggestions to rectify this error

- Rob

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