[OLSR-users] Wireless OLSR? WDS?

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Thu Mar 24 19:18:30 CET 2005

Okay I have read the whole faq, and the adhoc page. Im a bit lost as it
applies my intended application of OLSR. Right now, I am planning a
WDS/WPA network for a building. It is a few stories tall. In fact, im
unsure if I can make a network this big with WDS I.E. all routers must
know about all other routers or does R1 to R2 R2 to R1, R2 to R3 R3 to R2,
R3 to R2 in wds cut it. I.E. will R3 communicate with R2? So im lost on
that note, but what I am wander is will i need two w-adaptors to bridge
this network using OLSR. This is confusing for me to present in a question
so if I have confused anyone, please feel free to msg kerpal2343 on Y!.


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