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hello mansor!

i have already tried to answer your question on the meshcube-user mailing 
list. please do not cross-post the same questions everywhere - instead post 
your question to the most specific mailing list you can find, in this case 
meshcube-user *is* the right place.


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Subject: Re: [meshcube-user] question
Date: Monday 21 March 2005 18:34
From: Bruno Randolf <(spam-protected)>
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hello mansoor!

MeshCube and 4G Access Cube both are the same hardware and basically the same
software. the MeshCube was a cheaper product line, which was mainly targeted
for developers and communities. unfortunately it does not exist any more, now
the only option is the 4G Access Cube.

there are many reasons for choosing the 4G Access Cube over an ordinary
 access point, i would say the most important ones are flexibility and
 extensibility of the included linux system and the modularity and
 performance of the hardware. which access point gives you a 400MHz CPU and
 an open linux system to work with?
but i might be a bit biased ;)


On Monday 21 March 2005 17:56, Mansoor Ahmed Siddiqui wrote:
> Dear members
> I am working on a project that require the use of 4G
> Acess cube or may be mesh cube but Still i am not
> clear the difference between both of them and secondly
> i did not understand that why we have to use mesh cube
> or 4G acess cube although we have the WLAN acess
> points which provide the same connectivetya s that of
> these products
> Please give your point of views
> Best Regards
> Mansoor
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