[OLSR-users] OLSR over managed links

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 12 13:37:49 CET 2005


in Berlin we are using olsrd over managed links also. OLSR broadcasts are 
exchanged between the Master and the Clients and routes are calculated the 
usual way. Seems to be Ok. Heres an example:

eth0: (ether)
wlan0: (ad-hoc)
wlan1: (master)

(The different netmasks, for ad-hoc, for managed and for ether p2p link are chosen to make it possible to contact 
the devices even if no olsr-host-routes while all network cards are working 
in the same network segment This works under Linux, because the 
routing table algo priorize a narrower netmask).

If two clients ( and in the above sample context) are 
sending OLSR broadcasts, the broadcasts are repeated by the Master - right?. So olsrd may think "hey - theres a possible direct 
connection between and". In most cases this is not 
the case. Question: Any suggestion for olsrd-route cleanup here? And: do 
client mode wlan stations communicate with each other? Or is it better to 
make an iptables rule on all client mode wlan cards here, e.g. "do receive 
OLSR from but do not receive OLSR from other".

TIA, Sven-Ola 

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