[OLSR-users] routing if hna ( is < 3 hops and host is > 5 hops

Andrew Hodel (spam-protected)
Wed Jul 13 01:35:44 CEST 2005

I have a suggestion that seems would be best in my scenario.

Consider a network with multiple hna nodes to the internet ( 
I want to ping host3 which 6 hops away from me.  I am 2 hops from an
HNA node and host3 is 1 hop away from another HNA node.  Perhaps we
could configure nodes to route these packets over the internet (or
whatever hna to hna is) instead of taking a 6 hop route directly over
the mesh.

This would of course be a parameter you configure on the hna nodes. 
It seems this would effectively erase all routes greater then X number
of hops if other nodes were closer to another HNA node?

On each HNA node you could have a link cost parameter which is
relative to the cost of using a 6+ hop path on the mesh, or going
directly over the internet...

This would sure help routing table sizes in mesh networks...

Please comment, improvise :)


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