[OLSR-users] OLSR plugin for quagga?

Jan-Willem Smaal (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 16 11:57:12 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I am running the OLSRd on a tactical HF token-ring radio 
network (9600 bps 1/2 duplex NATO STANAG 5066 edition 2) and 
with some fiddeling of timers it works quite well (good job on the 
olsr daemon Andreas!).  

For an exercise I am looking into ways to integrate the OLSR WAN
into the strategic network backbone.   One way of doing this
is statically redistribute the whole address block assigned to OLSR 
WAN from one point in the network.  However as this requires
manual configuration on the routers is is not very dynamic and resilient...

What would be nice feature is a plugin for quagga so the it can redistribute 
OLSR routes into OSPF or BGP dynamically...

Also the announcement of the HNA 0/0 should be dynmically depending on which
OLSR node has an exit into the WAN at that time...

How much effort would it take to write a plugin for OLSRd and quagga 
to support these features?  Can it be done?  Has someone already 
implemented such a feature?

Jan-Wilem Smaal
Jan-Willem.Smaal AT nc3a.nato.int
NC3A-NL CIS Transmission Network Services

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