[OLSR-users] dot topology - olsr3d

Stefan Sayer (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 14 01:25:18 CET 2005


I have hacked an opengl windows software to display olsr nodes and links 
in 3d way on a map, in that way that you can fly through the net and 
observe the links in realtime. it uses the dot_draw plugin to get the 
information about the link from olsrd. I have put a first preview here:


the executable:
the very dirty source:
and some hand-drawn map tiles and some node positions for berlin:
(unzip over the other one, replacing double entries; press F3 after 
starting olsr3d)
I had to use the cvs version; some older version did not work, and so I 
put the actual compiled olsrd.exe and olsrd_dot_draw.dll here:

Remember to load the plugin (add LoadPlugin "olsrd_dot_draw.dll" { } to 

It displays some usage...basicall you can fly around with the cursor 
keys and c/y, you can select a node with tab, and pick it with p. Then 
you can move it on the map with umhjk. You can load the nodes' position 
from a very simple text file which resides in map/olsr3dnodes.txt with 
F3 and save it to that file with F2. there are some other keys...I let 
you find it out.

actually it does not yet use all information from dot_draw, e.g. hna are 
ignored. But then I think the dot_draw plugin does ignore nodes with 
multiple interfaces?

This one is rather a hack - but maybe there is someone here with graphic 
programming experience? It would be nice to have a good visualization of 
the olsr net. Here in berlin it is already complicated to get an 
overview of the mesh. It would also be nice to combine the viz with some 
net debugging and statistic tool, e.g. traceroute, ping netperf.
We actually don't need 3D - I did this just for fun.


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