[OLSR-users] Dot topology information plugin Question

Thomas Sebastian (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 10 17:41:54 CET 2005

Am Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2005 17:32 schrieb Abu hasnat Sayem:
> I have build the "Dot topology information plugin" ('make', 'make
> install'), and specified the executable in the olsrd.conf file. I also
> installed the rpm(s) of graphviz & webdot from the www.graphviz.org web
> site. I then ran 'olsrd', but i don't see the dot topology information. May
> i doing something wrong here or missing something.
 You need a script that generates the images out of the files the plugin 
There is a sh-script somewhere in the net... just use google.

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