[OLSR-users] LQ, HNA and NAT

aaron (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 10 01:10:45 CET 2005

The solution to that problem was - for us - to build a OpenVPN tunnel 
to some central nice single point of failure
(which actually fails regularly ;-))) router. It accepts route for the 
whole net and nats the net only once.

On Feb 9, 2005, at 3:43 PM, Stefan Sayer wrote:

> Hello,
> I have one other question related to LQ routing: if LQ routing is also 
> used for an internet-gateway HNA, mostly NAT is used. Now iirc for tcp 
> a NAT usually creates a soft-state for the connection with the first 
> SYN coming from inside (the NATed network). Now if the HNA route 
> happens to change during a connection because the link quality 
> changes, and another HNA with another NAT is used, all further 
> outgoing packets may not get through to destination as there is no 
> connection entry in the other NAT. Is that correct or am I missing 
> something here?
> If that is true, it would maybe make sense to change the HNA routes 
> very slowly in order to not break too much connections.
> In practice here in Berlins olsr-net I think this has not been tested 
> because the version of the fff that most people use here still does 
> calculate HNA on hop count.
> ...but I might be completely wrong here as well.
> Stefan
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