[OLSR-users] Mesh with 2 channels: negative weight on interfaces?

Benjamin Henrion (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 19 12:02:38 CET 2005


Would it be possible to patch OLSR in order to have negative weights so
that a route is choosen instead of another?

Example with my 2 WRT per node:

 |        |        |        |
-2       -2       -2       -2
 |        |        |        |

--- wireless chan1
+++ wireless chan13
 | ethernet

If I want to go from A to D, then ABFGCD is the fastest link in terms of
throughput. Or AEFBCGHD (this is the fastest path I obtain with fixing
routes by hand).


1. How exactly OLSR calculates the best path in the case hereover when
you want to communicate from A to D (use an example with weights)?
2. Would it be possible to modify OLSR in order to use negative weights?

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