[OLSR-users] Problem on subnet routing

Maurits de Graaf (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 15 20:50:12 CET 2005

In response to a question 

[see the mailing list: [olsr-dev] Re: [OLSR-users] Problem on subnet routingon routing between different subnets containing non-OLSR hosts of december 2004]. 

The question addresses a situation where two subnets containing non-OLSR clients are connected to a node running OLSR, but are unable to ping each other. The following was replied: 


OLSR only sets up routes to other OLSR hosts and HNA subnets.
HNA messages are ment to announce routes to subnets for wich a host has a
non-OLSR route - so yes, the routes to your subnets must be set up by
another entity then OLSR. HNA is after all supposed to announce routes to
external non-OLSR networks.
In your case I would reccomend running OLSR on all nodes.

Now my question is: suppose it is not possible to run OLSR on all nodes. 
- Is there a good alternative to static configuration?
- Would the following be a solution: enable HNA on both subnets, and installing a default route on each subnet to the OLSR node?, 
- are there any plugins doing such a job?

Thanks for any answer,

Kind regards,
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