[OLSR-users] Network stability

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 28 19:15:56 CEST 2005

On Thursday 28 April 2005 11:58, Thomas Lopatic wrote:
> Hey John.
> Hmmm. So the user's link to the tower times out on a regular basis which
> then causes the indirect route via another user's node to be taken to
> the tower?
I think.  It happens so fast, that I can catch it in the act.  The debug dump 
from the routers scrolls faster than I can catch it.

> If so, you might want to increase the HelloValidityTime and the
> TcValidityTime to, say, twice or three times their original values in
> order to not use the link.
HelloValidityTime       20.0
TcValidityTime          40.0

> You should then also change HystScaling to something smooth, e.g. 0.1,
> which will make hysteresis less sensitive to changes in the link
> quality. Moreover, you could lower HystThrHigh to something like 0.6 and
> HystThrLow to something like 0.2, the effect being that the link is more
> easily accepted as established by hysteresis (hysteresis value higher
> than HystThrHigh) and less prone to being rated as broken (hysteresis
> value lower than HystThrLow).
HystScaling     1.00
HystThrHigh     0.60
HystThrLow      0.20

> (You're still not using link quality, right?)
No.  I'm torn over this one.  I want to, but I also don't want to deviate from 
the RFC, and I don't want to risk stranding a router when I change over.
> -Thomas

Thanks, as always.  I'll go run these tests and let you know how it looks.  
How far through the network should I propagate these?  Every affected router?

John Gorkos

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