[OLSR-users] Willingness not taken into account in route table

Frédéric DELAUNAY (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 11 10:50:59 CEST 2005

ho yeah, sorry... of course... It's a bit strange to forward flooding 
data though one node and trafic data through another one... but it's 
like that. Now I undestrand your "nexthop routing based on willingness 
on your to-do list" :)

So just to finish, is that normal that I can't use WILL_NEVER ? here's 
what I have:
debian:~# olsrd -ipc
 *** olsr.org - 0.4.9 ***
 Build date: Apr  6 2005
Parsing file: "/etc/olsrd.conf"
Willingness 0 is not allowed
Bad configuration!
thanks Andreas,

Andreas Tønnesen a écrit :

>>I have maybe not understood what you said. Do you speak about olsrd or
>>rfc 3626 ? I hope you speak about olsrd, who do not include yet all
>>fonctions descibe in RFC ... Because if you speak about the RFC, I have
>>not undestood it :-p
>MPRs are only used for flooding OLSR traffic not regular data traffic. The
>whole concept of multipoint relaying is to optimize _flooding_ not to
>shape normal data traffic.
>I agree that IP routes should consider willingness, but MPR selection is
>purely based on how many 2-hop nodes a neighbor can reach and makes no
>sense in unicast routing.
>- Andreas
>Andreas Tønnesen
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