[OLSR-users] Double radio mesh and OLSR

John Clark (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 8 18:18:06 CEST 2005

Henrion Benjamin wrote:

>Jim Thompson <(spam-protected)> [050408]:
>>Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will "avoid interference" 
>>here, since the selectivity of
>>common 802.11 radios is not high enough to prevent severe ACI.
>>Now, if you were to move them to different *bands*, then you might have 
>>something, then again, you might introduce enough hysteresis that things 
>>really break. 
>I was thinking to use two different types of antennas, one in Hpol and
>the other in Vpol. For instance, a slotted waveguide and a simple

I have not had time to test things out, but in the near future I'll be 
setting up a system with
3 wifi cards, and attendent antennas. I have however, set up several of 
these boxes to have
an active wifi card on one antenna, and one of the cards be a 'monitor' 
for the traffic on a
particular channel, and have seen packets on other channels, when I've 
just had several pairs
operating on different channels. The antennas are the 'short' 20-25 cm. 
and placed about 10 cm
appart from each other.

Since I'm setting up an ad-hoc network, I can 'fix' things by making 
each network on the respective
channels a different IBSS, and while packets will be received, they'll 
be ignored. This does not
prevent lower bandwith due to collisions, etc, but at least the packets 
will be filltered out early.

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