[OLSR-users] Rescue access

Nick Stein (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 8 17:16:52 CEST 2005

I too am concerned about the need to rescue notes which may be
inaccessible physically.  I plan to deploy a fair number of WRTs.

Is is possible that the rescue should be at the application level rather
than the packet level.  I was thinking of a plugin similar to what
Ignacio proposes, but once the machine receives the packet, it simply
saves url somewhere, possibly in nvram.  Then when it is convenient,
that is when there is no traffic through the node, the node can take
itself off-line for routing traffic, set up a tun, and contacts the url
where a web service is running.

The web service can do whatever is necessary to the node: diagnose,
repair, update, or activate an interactive session through a protocol of
your choice over a port of your choice.  The last command of the session
can be to reboot.  

Security would still be an issue.  We need to prevent an attacker from
being able to set that url.  

I would be willing to contribute to the coding effort if needed.

Nick Stein


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Sven-Ola Tuecke wrote:
> Complicated? Never trust an 0.x routing daemon. To be on the secure
> its better to have a way to contact without hostroutes. And: You may
> read and dig the policy routing possiblities (seveal routing tables in
> background)...

For more information about this follow these links:


Roar B. Rotvik
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