[OLSR-users] Compile olsrd for HP IPAQ

Smith, Adam T. (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 7 23:33:02 CEST 2005

Hello all,


I'm new to using the olsrd application, and have successfully installed
it on a laptop running Windows XP.  However, my real desire is to run it
on my HP iPAQ.  I'm intrigued because the readme file included with the
program stated the olsrd has been run on ARM embedded systems, like the
old iPAQ's.  I would like to run olsrd on my newer iPAQ.


This is the specification of my PDA: an HP iPAQ rx3715, which runs
Windows Mobile 2003 Professional SE, on a Samsung S3C 2440 400 Mhz


My first question is, has anyone tried compiling a binary for this or a
similar platform, and successfully ported it to your iPAQ?  How much
effort is required in this process?  If any one could point me to a link
detailing the compilation process, etc, I would appreciate it.  I'm not
an expert in this area so the simpler the explanation, the better.


Nice to meet you all!



Thank you,


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