[OLSR-users] multiple radios with sector antennas

Andrew Hodel (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 5 19:13:27 CEST 2005

I am wondering if anyone has ever used olsrd ad-hoc or any 802.11 ad-hoc 
network in a multiple radio sector antenna environment.

I was thinking of using 3 radios and 3 120 degree sector panel antennas 
to get 20db of gain from an HNA node.

http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg2420p_120.php is one of the sector 
antennas I was thinking of using.

The only problem I can see from this is of course interference, as they 
are all on the same channel.  Could using iptables and blocking by MAC 
address be a possible solution?

You can't get 20db of gain from any omni, and using amplifiers is just 
something I don't like to do, it makes a noisy signal.

The antenna gain patterns are on that page, it seems you could also fix 
the problem by having each antenna on a circle with a 10ft radius or so, 
which means each antenna is 20.93 ft apart on the circumference of the 

Please comment,
Andrew Hodel

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