[OLSR-users] Same IP address for several interfaces

Paweł Foremski (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 30 19:02:34 CET 2004

On Tuesday 30 of November 2004 18:46, Ignacio García Pérez wrote:
> I have a small stup of three nodes here that I may try. Do you know if the
> your patch has been merged into the upcoming 0.4.8 version ?

Unfortunately not:


"So since this non RFC-compliant "extention" of the protocol will not operate 
in the general case I _do not think I will include it in the main olsrd 

But I already have some plans for my own routing protocol based on OLSR 
especially for such setups as mine and yours (in my setup users connect using 
PPPoE and routers have same IP address on multiple interfaces). I hope I'll 
ever have time to start working on it :P.

Paweł Foremski

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