[OLSR-users] Mips-Processor: Plugins will SEGV

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 1 11:14:57 CET 2004


recently, I've read the posting about the dyn_gw on this list. This sounds 
promising, so I tried to run that plugin on my WRT54g. But: loading the 
plugin will stop olsrd from running with a SEGV message. Seems to be some 
traditional bug in olsrd. Further investigation reveals:

- Plugin runs OK on Intel (both Win and Linux)
- Plugin fails miserably on Mips (both WRT54g and Meshcube)
- Plugin fails both for 0.4.7 and for 0.4.8 (cvs version 30-oct)

Further debugging will help here, so I've patched 

*** Snippet from olsrd-0.4.8-cvs-2004-10-30 ***
register_olsr_data(struct olsr_plugin_data *data)
  /* IPversion */
fprintf(stderr, "register_olsr_data(%p)\n", data);
  ipversion = data->ipversion;
fprintf(stderr, "ipversion(%d)\n", ipversion);
  /* Main address */
  main_addr = data->main_addr;
fprintf(stderr, "main_addr(%d)\n", main_addr);

  /* Multi-purpose function */
fprintf(stderr, "olsr_plugin_io gleich!!!\n");
fprintf(stderr, "1olsr_plugin_io(%d)\n", data->olsr_plugin_io);
  olsr_plugin_io = data->olsr_plugin_io;
fprintf(stderr, "2olsr_plugin_io(%d)\n", olsr_plugin_io);

*** /Snippet ***

This will output the following if started on MIPS:

---------- Plugin loader ----------
Library: olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.1
OLSRD dynamic gateway plugin 0.1 by Andreas T√łnnesen
Checking plugin interface version.... 1 - OK
Trying to fetch plugin IO function....OK
Trying to fetch register function....OK
Running registration function...
olsr_plugin_io gleich!!!
Segmentation fault

I'am fiddling a bit with variable storage classes, and have some success 
with adding "static" and the " = 0" initializer in the *.h where 
"olsrd_plugin_io" is defined. However, this is not the only function pointer 
used, so it's segfault again. Anybody knows, if this is a gcc cross compiler 
bug? Or just something with DS!=SS so one have to use compiler overwrites 
"CALLBACK global do not assume Data and Stack on same segement" here? 
Another comment: Is there a superfluous ampersand in the "olsrd_plugin_io = 
&whatever_function;"? My C++/ASM knowledge is bailing out here, especially 
the parentesis jungle used to define function pointers in C/C++ alway 
confuses me...

Regards, Sven-Ola

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