[OLSR-users] Cross compiling issue with ARM cross compiler

Claudio Lavecchia (spam-protected)
Fri May 28 14:43:50 CEST 2004

Hello to the OLSR community.

I am trying to cross-compile the OLSR sources with my cross-compiler: I took
the Makefile that is available in the package I downloaded from unik site
and modified it as follows:


#CC= gcc

CC= /opt/arm/arm-linux/bin/gcc

I already successfully used this cross-compiler, to compile the power info
plugin distributed with unik-olsr, for example.

When trying to cross-compile OLSR sources I get plenty of parsing errors
tough, in fact the cross-compiler cannot even go trough compilation of first
source fail and I do not have a clue of where those errors come from (I
guess flags and libs are the problem).

Here follows one of the several compile errors I get:

>/opt/arm/arm-linux/sys-include/net/dst.h:67: parse error before '}' token
>/opt/arm/arm-linux/sys-include/net/dst.h:77: parse error before "__u32"
>/opt/arm/arm-linux/sys-include/net/dst.h:85: parse error before "atomic_t"
>/opt/arm/arm-linux/sys-include/net/dst.h:87: parse error before '}' token
>In file included from /opt/arm/include/linux/sched.h:13,
>                 from /opt/arm/arm-linux/sys-include/net/inetpeer.h:14,
>                 from /opt/arm/arm-linux/sys-include/net/route.h:29,
>                 from src/defs.h:28,
>                 from src/interface.c:23:
>/opt/arm/include/linux/times.h:5: parse error before "clock_t"
>/opt/arm/include/linux/times.h:7: parse error before "tms_cutime"
>/opt/arm/include/linux/times.h:8: parse error before "tms_cstime"

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

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