[OLSR-users] Behavior in IPv6

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sat May 1 02:52:33 CEST 2004


The GUI has not been very much tested with IPv6 for the last releases... 
well it's not been to well tested with IPv6 ever ;)

The stuff you mention is clearly misbehaviour and I'll see if I can find 
the time to look into it before the next release! Until then you'll have 
to stick with the stdout output or just the good old
watch 'route -A inet6'

- Andreas

> Hi,
> I have a strange behaviour with olsrd-gui when I use it in IPv6;
> In fact, it seems the list of routes isn't updated so I have list with
> around 50 routes available with only 5 PC on my MANET (of course, most
> of routes are identical). So it upsets me a little when I want to get
> the current route. I precise this list is updated without any problem
> when I use olsr in IPv4.
> My second question is still with the list of routes in GUI: the gateway
> (for each destination) is the first seven bytes of the IPv6 global
> address coupled with the interface's name (eg: 2001:688:1f88:40eth1). Is
> this behaviour normal or not?
> Finally, I notice that my number of hops has a difference of 1 between
> the use in ipv4 and ipv6; I mean that for 4 PC in a line (ie
> x---x---x---x, so 3 hops), the GUI indicates 3 hops in IPv4 and only 2
> in IPv6, the first hop doesn't seem to count as one. Am I right or is it
> a problem in my network? (this difference in the number of hops is not
> very important for me, it's just to be sure there isn't any hidden
> problem with my use in IPv6)
> Thanks
> Etienne
> PS: 	olsrd version:0.4.3
> 	olsrd-gui version: 0.2.5
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