[OLSR-users] Default routing question

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 27 06:18:04 CET 2004


A most interesting project! My comments inline.

John Gorkos wrote:
> I have a project involving a large number of WRT54G routers running linux w/ 
> OLSR.  Perhaps 1 in 10 of the routers will have a backhaul to the internet, 
> the rest will use these internet connected routers as gateways.  The kicker 
> is this:  I want to have a single configuration that works on all routers, 
> regardless of whether they are internet-connected or not.  Is this possible 
> with the current OLSR imlpementation?  From what I've been able to decipher, 
> the OLSR daemon finds out from the configuration file whether or not it is a 
> "default" router.  I need to determine this dynamically, because I don't know 
> yet which routers get an internet connection and which ones don't.

IMO you should create a startupscript that checks wether the node has a 
internet route avalible. This check could easily be done inside the olsr 
daemon - but IMO this is not olsrs job. Modularity! :)

> All told, the mesh will contain 50 routers initially, with about 50 more in 
> six months.  Is OLSR the right tool for the job?

What kind of mobillity do you expect to see? And what kind of density?
Anyways - to me this souds like a job for olsr. Olsr is very well suited 
for dense ad-hoc networks.

Remember that you can tune the message-emission intervals to suit your 
mobillity-degree. If mobillity is high the HELLO(and other) intervals 
should be small.

I intend to implement a plugin that allows one to update theese values 
at runtime.

Again - this will be a _very_ interesting real-life experiment! Keep us 
updated on your work!! When do you expect to do this?


Andreas T√łnnesen((spam-protected))
UniK University Graduation Center
University of Oslo

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