[OLSR-users] Debug 1 required to work?

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 27 01:07:47 CEST 2004


First of all, I have not done too much testing with the WRT54G so you
guys that have been playing a lot with this device might have some
better ideas about this.
The problem you mention have been reported before. I have never
experienced it myself though. The problems I've had with the WRT54G is
that SDTOUT seems to hang in my telnet console after I've ran olsrd for
a while(using OpenWrt)... but thats no major problem.
I've been using binaries of the 0.4.4 version that I have cross-compiled
myself. I suggest you trying this, or that the package maintainers
update to 0.4.4.
 From the next release(0.4.5 which i _hope_ to have out by the end of
next week) I'll include ARM(iPaq/Zaurus) and MIPS(WRT54G) binaries in
the main package for the convenience of people using these systems. But
ofcause, I encourage the use of package systems such as ipkg.

- Andreas

Andrew Nott wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just started playing with OLSR, at this stage I have olsrd running 
> on a pair of Linksys WRT54G boxes with OpenWRT b4 - currently I'm using 
> the ipkgs of 0.4.3 packaged by John Gorkos and available through Marc 
> Quinton's repository.
> When I run olsrd -d 1, and everything appears to work perfectly. The 
> neighbour lists are updated and host routes appear for the other box. 
> Then the dynamic gateway plugin detects that one has a route to the net, 
> and the other box has a default route set via the gateway.
> However, when I run olsrd with no debug arguments, things are a little 
> different. The daemon detaches, three olsrd processes appear in the 
> process listing, but no route updates happen.
> With one copy of olsrd set to debug 1 and the other debug 0 the debug 
> prints look almost right. Willingness is changed from 0 to 3, the other 
> box appears in the neighbour list, the link is set to NOT pending, and I 
> get HELLO timeouts when the second copy goes down, etc etc. But the 
> neighbour list status flags remain l=0:m=0:w=3, rather than changing to 
> l=1:m=0:w=3 as they do after the link is set to not pending with both 
> daemons in debug mode, and no routes are added on either box.
> Any ideas?
> Andrew Nott
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