[OLSR-users] Running two insances of olsr

Cyrille Chepelov (spam-protected)
Tue Jun 22 17:25:31 CEST 2004

Le Tue, Jun 22, 2004, à 05:09:29PM -0800, Andreas Tønnesen a écrit:

> >Indeed, you need to bind multiple sockets to udp/698, which is fine as 
> >long as no two sockets are bound to the same (address,proto,port) tuple. 
	    ^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >This is
> >not 
> >
> But if that can be done then there is no problem in the first place?
> Then the IPv4 instance of olsrd should be able to create it's socket
> in paralell with the IPv6 instance...?

The current problem arises from the fact that you're creating sockets
bound to "any address on interface foo", which really means "all
addresses on interface foo", which for an ipv6 socket includes v4
sockets, and for a v4 sockets means that the next similar request for a
v6 socket will choke.
If instead, you're creating sockets bound to "this specific address", then 
the original problem disappears (you still need to handle the selection of the 
packet parser routine based on the socket type).

	-- Cyrille

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