[OLSR-users] Re: olsrd and ipv6

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 20 22:32:46 CEST 2004

Hi Michael,

I'm CCing this to the mailinglist.

 From 0.4.4 you can set the preferred IPv6 address type in the config
file. So if setting:
IP6ADDRTYPE     global

in the configfile, olsrd will use global addresses.

- Andreas

Michael Bauer wrote:
> hi andreas,
> Thanks for the great work in implementing olsr, i am working on
> funkfeuer.at which starts to be viennas free WLan. We are interessed in
> using olsr both in ipv4 and ipv6. so there comes my question: 
> is it somehow possible to use scope:global adresses together with olsr
> instead of site local ? for as site local ain't routed afair. Correct me
> if i'm wrong. 
> so when i start olsrd it aborts with: 
> br0:
>         Not a wireless interface
> 	Could not find site-local IPv6 address for br0
> of course it doesn't because there isn't any site-local ipv6 address
> assigned. 
> greetings from vienna mihi

Andreas T√łnnesen((spam-protected))
UniK University Graduation Center
University of Oslo

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