[OLSR-users] OLSR-0.4.5 and Bridging WDS Interfaces

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Mon Jul 5 10:32:25 CEST 2004

I am new to using Unik-OLSR and have recently tried release 0.4.5.
I installed it on 5 wireless router nodes which use HostAP in infrastructure
mode. Since HostAP is running in infrastructure mode, WDS links are
formed dynamically which are added to or deleted from a bridge interface
br0 by a background shell script. I tried to to run OLSR on the br0 interfaces
using IP addresses in  1.x.y.z/8 
I observed the routing table at a wireless router via
watch netstat -rn
All nodes seem to find each other but I did not see routing reach a stable state.
Routes to Nodes appeared in the routing table for a few seconds, then disappeared
and re-appeared some seconds later. It gave me the impression that routing never
converged to a steady state ?? Should I expect OLSR to converge to a steady state
routing table  for the network ? All 5 wireless routers were stationary, located within the same room and within radio range of each other.
Best Regards
Graeme Brown

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