[OLSR-users] topology visualization

Bruno Randolf (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 16 13:23:06 CET 2004


the new olsr version supports connections from external hosts (not localhost) 
to the "topology port" when the olsrd_dot_draw plugin is loaded and 
configured correctly.

for example to allow connections from you can write in olsrd.conf:

LoadPlugin         "olsrd_dot_draw.so.0.3"
       #PlParam     "port"   "2005"
       PlParam     "accept" ""

i have hacked together a little perl script which connects to this port and 
displays this information. it uses the graphviz and imagemagick pacakges for 
generating and viewing the images, and really is quite a hack. but its very 
interresting and helpful to actually see the network topology graphically, i 

it's called olsr-topology-view.pl and you can get it from:



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