[OLSR-users] Naming

Roar Bjørgum Rotvik (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 13 20:07:41 CET 2004

Frank Becker wrote:
> Hi,
> Thomas CLavier packed the olsrd into Debian packages some time ago. I
> updated those packages each time there was a new release. Now I want
> to offer them to the public.
> There is one thing left. I simply don't know how to call it. I don't
> think olsrd is a good name since it suggests to be *the* olsr daemon
> (Even if it might be the one). Thus, is unik-olsrd a better name? What
> do you think?

I have packaged the RPM-packages for olsrd.
Earlier versions were called unik-olsrd, but as this implementation 
after my view is not directly linked to Unik, but mostly Andreas and 
some other, I think that it's wrong to continue to use Unik in the name.

As the binary daemon from this project is called olsrd, I only think 
it's fair to call the package olsrd, as there is no other implementation 
of OLSR using the same name. And I don't think we suggest that this is 
_the_ OLSR implementation just because the package is called olsrd (but 
it may seem that this project is _close_ to be _the_ OLSR implementation 
right now :)

I also see that Andreas suggests olsr.org, and while I think that this 
is an alternative name, I personally prefer to keeping the name olsrd.
(Apache packaged is now called httpd, suggesting that it is _the_ HTTP 
implementation, just as a reference ;)

But this is just my opinion and others have to decide ..

Roar B. Rotvik

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