[OLSR-users] olsrd0.4.7 KNOWN PROBLEM

Nikolaos Tsarmpopoulos (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 7 18:11:01 CET 2004


The release of v0.4.8 is great news to all people experimenting with
Mesh networking.

I found in the KNOWN PROBLEMS section of olsrd v0.4.8 README file a
reference to a problem that significantly affected the link stability
and eventually user experience on our 0.4.7-based testbed. Therefore,
this is just to confirm the reports coming from Vienna wireless network.

Specifically, v 0.4.7 was unable to record in the routing table stable
wireless links. While pinging concurrently (a) from a node to its
neighbour, (b) from a PC (LAN, non-olsrd interface) to the node and (c)
from the same PC to the neighbour node, we found that (a) and (b) were
reporting 0% packet loss, while (c) was reporting 50-70% packet loss.
The cause of lost packets in test-case (c) was that the routing table on
the node was not at all times populated with the routes. Olsrd
frequently removed the routing entries without obvious (to us) reason.

We will perform extensive test on v0.4.8 with and without the new link
quality code and let you know the outcome.

Nikos Tsarmpopoulos

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