[OLSR-users] Some question of the powerinfo

Andrea Sini (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 7 10:06:49 CET 2004

lvqiudong wrote:

> I have do follow Olsrd plugin implementation HOWTO, but I haven't get the
>info of the power table.
>the steps as follows:(System :red-hat 9.0, kernel:2.4.20-8 , only one
>#cd unik-olsrd-0.4.5
>#make;make install
>enable loading plugin in the /etc/olsrd.conf
>#cd lib/powerinf
>#make;make install
>in another shell:
>#telnet 8888
>the result is :
>I can't get any info of the power.
>after read the source code ,I find the olsr_parser() in the olsrd_power.c is
>not called at all. but it should be called when some infos was received.
>in addition, why does the struct of the interface in the powerinfo has no
>olsr_socket data, but olsrd has it.

First of all, I'd suggest to download and use the latest version of 
OLSRD (that should be 0.4.8).

Then you have to add

                         int olsr_socket;

in the struct interface that you find in olsrd_plugin.h (in the section 
IP independent).

Have you tried the plugin in a network or just running on a single node 
? I think that iif you don't have other node you'll continue getting an 


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