[OLSR-users] Practical Deployment, Scalability

Quantum Scientific (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 5 16:13:35 CET 2004


Are there any practical deployments of OLSR?  Looking for an alternative to AODV.

 Carl Cook

On Friday 03 December 2004 15:52, Quantum Scientific wrote:
> Hello List,
> I'm examining various meshing protocols, and have been unable to find any meshOS implementation of OLSR.  Maybe MeshCube uses it, but can't confirm.
> Also, I'm reading that OLSR may be better-suited to cellular and telecom companies, and are not scalable due to the MPR flooding issue, as here:
> http://hipercom.inria.fr/olsr/mpr-flooding.html
> IOW, the scalability requires more T1's, harming economics.  Has this been addressed?
> Best,
> Carl Cook

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