[OLSR-users] HUP signal handling

Pawel Foremski (spam-protected)
Sat Dec 4 15:51:48 CET 2004


I'm testing olsrd 0.4.8 (20041204) and I noticed it fails to restart properly 
after receiving a HUP signal if IPC is enabled. After those 3 seconds which 
new child waits to restart olsrd, IPC says that address is already in use and 
exits with an error. Is this because current HUP handling is just a hack or 
should I debug it more and try to find a bug :)?

Oh, and one suggestion to secure plugin: I would check if the key isn't to 
small before showing "Could not read key from keyfile" message, which can be 
a bit confusing for "some" users :).


Pawel Foremski

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