[OLSR-users] Re: OLSR FreeBSD Port

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Sat Aug 21 10:49:42 CEST 2004

Hi Travis,

I am CCing this to the mailinglist.

Actually there is no FreeBSD code. I had plans to do it once, and
I started creating the proper files in the source tree - but no
actual code were produced.

After a very successfull cooperation with Thomas Lopatic, who
has implemented a windows port of olsrd, I had planned to
announce that I am looking for coders to port olsrd. So 
here it goes:
I am looking for capable and willing coders to port olsrd to:
- FreeBSD
- OpenBSD
(...and more obscure OSes if you'd like ;-) )

OS dependent code is pretty much separated from the core olsrd
code now, and you can look at the way the win32 and Linux code
is integrated(from the next release).
You don't need to be an expert, but cooperation becomes much easier
if you can read code quite well(meaning there are not to many "what
does this function do?" type questions).
If the port turns out OK, it will be included in the main olsrd
branch, and you will be the maintainer of that part of the code.

The main problem of porting olsrd is described here:

But it should be no problem if you go for an implementation were 
there, at first, is no support for the following:
- IPv6(multicast causes trouble).
- Multiple interfaces using the same broadcast.
- Using broadcast with multiple interfaces(just a
  variant of the previous really).


On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Travis Boucher wrote:

> Do you have a CVS repository or a snapshot of your work on the FreeBSD port of
> olsr?  I would like to ensure that there is a working OpenBSD port as well,
> and since it seems you have done most of the work already porting to FreeBSD,
> I figured I'd see if I can access that work instead of doing a port from scratch.
> I'm using olsr on my Linksys WRT54G routers already, and it's great, I'd just
> love to cleanly integrate it with the rest of my network (OpenBSD gateways and
> end-points).
> Thanks,
> Travis Boucher
> Version: 3.12 
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> r--- y++**
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Andreas Tønnesen((spam-protected))

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