[Olsr-dev] Maintainership

Nick (spam-protected)
Tue May 18 17:08:52 CEST 2021

I asked Philipp if I could become maintainer, and he wants your ACK.
The mentioned patches are still not merged. I would take care of merging 
the PRs.


On 8/29/20 12:28 PM, Nick wrote:
> I would like to be added to the GitHub Repro as Maintainer.
> I'm active in Freifunk Berlin and made a fork of the freifunk-firmware
> called falter (aka freifunk spalter) that builds with latest openwrt
> master. So, I often use the latest olsrd.
> There are pending patches that are maintained in the openwrt-repro, that
> should get upstream
> - fix compilation with musl 1.2.x: https://github.com/OLSR/olsrd/pull/84
> - olsrd: migrate to using bison 3.7.1:
> https://github.com/openwrt-routing/packages/pull/605
> (the bison change is not backwards compatible, so we should wait until
> major linux distros switch their bison version)
> Further, I added a plugin called filtergw that is waiting for merge and
> a circleci:
> - https://github.com/OLSR/olsrd/pull/86
> - https://github.com/OLSR/olsrd/pull/82
> I would like to maintain olsrd that it stays compatible with the
> upstream master of openwrt. I will test that in our freifunk berlin mesh
> network before I commit anything to master.
> Here is my GitHub:
> https://github.com/PolynomialDivision

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