[Olsr-dev] [PATCH v1 0/2] hello reception: use link status ordering

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 30 18:24:28 CET 2017

From: Ferry Huberts <(spam-protected)>

(the second patch is much easier to review in gitk, so I've pushed the patches
 onto branch 'hello-fix-rx')

See the explanation in the description of commit 2f38613.
This commit fixes the receive side of the described problem.

>From this commit on 'broken' senders and 'fixed' receivers can
interoperate correctly.

The only case left unfixed is 'broken' senders and 'broken' receivers
(which is obviously unfixable), all other combinations are fixed.

'broken' = v0.6.6.1-136-g3d2fd73 <= olsrd < v0.9.5-82-g2f38613
'fixed'  = olsrd <  v0.6.6.1-136-g3d2fd73
           olsrd >= v0.9.5-82-g2f38613 (senders  )
           olsrd >= this commit        (receivers)

Ferry Huberts (2):
  lq_packet: make the hello link order a define
  hello reception: use link status ordering

 src/lq_packet.c       |  2 +-
 src/olsr_protocol.h   |  2 ++
 src/process_package.c | 55 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 3 files changed, 39 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)


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