[Olsr-dev] [PATCH v1 1/1] lq_packet: only report a neighbour once in a hello message

Conrad Lara (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 19 23:45:58 CET 2017

Sorry thought you had it from this account already.

I've put comments in a few times under this account going back to 2014

I'm a member of the AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) development team (formerly the lead programmer for the BBHN development team) along with Joe Ayres.

AREDN is a mesh network based on OLSRd (and Openwrt) that tailors to providing features and user interface designed for licensed Amateur Radio Operators (who have needs similar to all the various mesh networks and projects out there today but also have very specific needs and design differences that justified creating a project to pull it all together) 

We (AREDN) were involved in some discussions around some of the un-maintained modules around 2 years ago (secure module)

Additionally I occasional speak up  where I know the OLSR code well enough from personal experience to render an opinion on questions come up (only been a few times like the nameservice plugin in January 2015) 

Other times I speak up are to ask questions about supported platforms (which requires an opinion I couldn't render myself) or to weigh in on proposed changes (like this one) where it has an impact on the community, particularly the communities I work with (there were some questions in July 2015 about how to handle data distribution in OLSRd V2) 

In general though I tend to keep quiet and yield to those who have more hands on experience so long as the process appears to be going in a direction that does not cause any obvious concerns that I can see (impacting the protocol like this issue origionaly did ranked right up there where I get worried and start directly testing but only provide comment if I find additional detail like I did in this one where 0.6.6 was confirmed to not have the issue)

Best Regards,
Conrad Lara
United States/FCC License Callsign: KG6JEI

---- Ferry Huberts <(spam-protected)> wrote: 
> On 19/01/17 23:00, Conrad Lara wrote:
> >> PS. would you mind introducing yourself? I think I've not seen you on
> >> this mailing list before.
> >
> > Sorry, too many email accounts on the phone and still in the process of transfering everything over to the personal domain name (long process)
> I think you forgot your introduction here?

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