[Olsr-dev] OONF telnet plugin

Gabriel (spam-protected)
Wed May 25 11:53:07 CEST 2016

Hi, I'm trying to connect to the oonf's telnet plugin using a posix
socket. This is my code:

sd = create_socket(address, 2009);
char *req = "/netjsoninfo graph";
int sent =send(sd,req,strlen(req),0);
if(!receive_data_olsr2(sd, &buffer)){
	return 0;

My problem is that 'recv' inside receive_data_olsr2 hangs
because I' not receiving anything from the telnet plugin.

Analyzing the connection of 'nc' with wireshark I discovered that telnet
plugin answer back only after a "FIN" flag.

Am I doing something wrong in my code? Is there a way to send the FIN
flag without closing the socket?

Thanks, Gabriel

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