[Olsr-dev] olsr1 / crashes with recent OpenWrt

Ufo (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 4 13:27:17 CET 2016

Bastian, the coredump files are here: 

these problems are only on nodes, which has a second olsr-interface 
(f.i. on wan)..
if there is only wlan0 with olsr, there is no error-messages anymore.
(tested with a cheap tplink 710N)

On 01.01.2016 15:35, Bastian Bittorf wrote:
> * Ufo <(spam-protected)> [01.01.2016 15:18]:
>> Am 30.12.15 um 19:59 schrieb Bastian Bittorf:
>>> we observe a lot of crashes since we upgraded
>>> our routers. unsure what changed, but these are our findings:
>>> it seems to happen during shutdown/restart:
>> on our nodes with openwrt-trunk (via meshkit) it also happens, when
>> starting the device:
> can you please get a coredump?
> just insert the line 'ulimit -c unlimited' on top of
> the start() function in /lib/functions/olsrd.sh
> after the crash you should have a file in the
> /tmp/*.core (which is defined via /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern)
> bye, bastian

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